Do the fake ids come complete ?
Yes, they do, and also include holograms, encoded bar code and/or magnetic strip with the correct information just like a real one. No, our holograms are not generic, they are specific for each id. We create the same UV ink markings and print on identical card stock. No, we do not print our site name or anything on our fake ids that would not be on a real one. The pictures on our site with our logo will not be on any product you purchase. It is to prevent theft by the fraudulent Canadian and USA websites that spring up scamming people and giving our trade a black eye.

How to complete the order form ?
Fill out the order form and upload your picture and signature image file to the order form. If you do not have a signature scanned image we can make one for you. Your picture size or background is not important. We will edit it to fit and change the background. Most important is for you to be looking into the camera. Look at your current id and imagine if the image you want us to use, if we took out the background and sized it to fit, would it make a good picture to use? We do not recommend scanning your current ID picture if any security feature or anything is covering any part of your face.
For the very best results we recommend a passport photo. They may be obtained from most photo studios or check your yellow pages under ‘passport photos’. After obtaining your picture, and if you do not have a scanner, simply go to Kinkos (they also do passport pictures) or many other places and have your picture scanned to floppy in the form of a jpeg, gif or bmp then email it to us after you fill out the order form.

For your signature, sign it on a white piece of paper with black ink and scan it for uploading to the order form. Those who can’t supply a signature we will create an easy one that matches your name.

Any information, by chance not supplied by you, we will add to make your order complete. At times we will email you to clarify or request your preferred information needed to complete your order.

Most now know any site located in Canada or the USA can’t and don’t make fake id. They are all scams and show you one thing on their site and deliver another because you agreed to the terms of purchase when buying from them, always read the terms of purchase! The terms of purchase always says on the scams you will not get a refund and you are buying a “custom novelty” or similar words. That means you are NOT getting a FAKE ID!
Sending cash seems odd? You think you can or should buy fake id with a credit card, check or other traceable payment? That fake id is legal and the same as buying a video game off eBay?

We have to protect ourselves and if you are smart you would want to protect yourself too. Would you buy weed with a credit card or check? What happens if the guy who sold you the weed gets busted and they search his bank records and see your cashed check or credit card purchase?

We are located in China where counterfeit clothing like Gucci, software like Windows, watches like Rolex, and just about every item of value is copied here. Here you can buy a DVD of a movie just released in theaters in the USA.

How long for shipping ?
Per our Satisfaction Guarantee, we ship within one working day. All orders are shipped expedited and are included in the price of the novelty id. We ship with only our return address and site abbreviated as “OFI” to not give away contents and protect your privacy. We do ship to PO boxes and world wide.
Expect to have your order in 1 to 3 weeks from the day we ship and 3 days if you paid for express shipping back to you.

Be aware we ship discreetly and have numerous ways to accomplish this. For example, we mail you a blank CD in a case, but remove the back black plastic to find your order wrapped in tissue. We mail you a magazine with your order in the middle. We change our methods often and this prevents any order from being closely scrutinized, if checked by customs before it is delivered to you. To date we have never had an order held by customs.

What do you do with customer information after they received their order ?
3 days after your order is confirmed delivered, we destroy the information.

Our terms of purchase ?
Our products are not issued by any government agency or to be used as proof of identity under any circumstances. We do not condone the use of our novelties for anything other than legal purposes. We will not respond to any inquiry on misuse or implied misuse. You are solely responsible for any legalities that result from the misuse of our products.