Do the fake ids come complete ? Yes, they do, and also include holograms, encoded bar code and/or magnetic strip with the correct information just like a real one. No, our holograms are not generic, they are specific for each id. We create the same UV ink markings and print on identical card stock. No,Read More

Legal Drinking Age

Legal Drinking Age differs per country and even though it should be monitored closely, it is not strictly implemented. This is made obvious by many cases of underage youths trying their hands at alcohol and the like. Another cause of concern is that since each country has a different age limit, arguments have been croppingRead More

How to Make a Fake ID Online for Free

How to Make a Fake ID Online for Free Without a Trace Making a free ID is an idea that penetrates into the minds of everyone, who is under the legal age, so there is no wonder that how to make a fake ID online for free is the urgent questions during this period. WhyRead More

How to Make a Fake Caller ID

Today, phone owners frequently ask how to make a fake caller ID. We are glad to provide you with a free and easy instruction that can help you to make a fake caller id. But at first let’s sort out what a caller id is and what a fake caller id can be used for.Read More